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Outfits: October 2013

Outfits: October 2013
River Island Brown leather look biker jacket: $96
Vila Shahin Sweat Top: $55
TOPSHOP MOTO Black Joni Jeans: $65
Nine West Flax: $63
Carole Twist Knot Headband: $10
FOREVER 21 Dreams of Paris Phone Case: $7.80
MAC Lipstick: $15

Street Style: Blast in the Past

Today, we have a 90’s inspired outfit from one of our UnregisteredStyle bloggers, Davina. If you are unfamiliar with her work, head over to the UnregisteredStyle’s Instagram page @UnregisteredStyle. 

Davina is very passionate about fashion, beauty, and eclectic style. The inspiration behind her personal style can be attributed by her bold personality. She states, “My personality is very blunt so it is displayed through my style. I love to stand out with my looks by adding bold colors and big bold accessories.”

Here Davina brings the 90s into 2013 through her “Fly Girl” inspired look from “In Living Color.” 


Outfits: October 2013

Outfits: October 2013
Forever 21 Mens Globetrotter Utility Jacket: $43
American Eagle Skinny Corduroy Pant: $35
J.Crew Slim Secret Wash shirt in two-color gingham: $65
CLARKS ORIGINALS Desert Boot: $155
Buckle Sovereign Code Alvin Tie: $20
Jack Daniel’s® 4 oz. Flask: $30
Mustard Battle Wallet Black/Blue: $31

Street Style: Camouflage

Derrick is a twenty four year old, aspiring rapper that plans to move to Atlanta, GA by the new year. So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to feature his street style before he embarks upon a future in the music world.

From facial piercings to blonde hair, we have always known Derrick to have a very unique, personal style. Derrick states, “I define my style as my own. I grew up in North Carolina but never dressed like people around me. Even though I’m black an from a small town, I grab my style from all over the world. That’s how I role. The total underground urban Asian culture not influences me in my clothing, but in my music as well.”

Below, Derrick offers a peak into his personal style.