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Street Style: Tied Around the Waist

Tying a shirt around your waist is just as common in 2013 as cutting up a pair of jeans and turning them into high wasted denim shorts. As celebrities continue to tie shirts around their waists with almost every outfit, this once extinct trend from the past has resurfaced into a popular staple again right before our eyes. Various celebrities including Rihanna, Pharrell, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, and Rob Kardashian have been photographed tying shirts around their waists.

Similar to any other fashion trend, there is a certain level of confidence and appeal that allows an individual to pull off any look. 

So, we decided to contact our neighborhood friend, Tannis, to demonstrate how a woman would wear an outfit that incorporates a tied shirt around the waist. 



After 5: The Preppy Pencil Skirt

Summer is officially coming to an end. With the first day of fall right around the corner, we still have a few more summer outfits to feature on the blog.

Our Philadelphia friend, Kourtney, decided to swing by New Jersey to show her “After 5” work attire. Last time, she was featured in more casual clothing.

Today, Kourtney decides to take her look to the next level with a preppy inspired outfit. Now, what does it mean to be preppy? For women, preppy is often associated with plaids, skirts, pearls, and button down shirts. 

Below, Kourtney shows off her preppy inspired outfit by showcasing her yellow, pencil skirt.