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Strictly Business: The Tailored Suit

In today’s post, we would like to introduce a new featured section on our blog, “Strictly Business.” Our Strictly Business section serves the purpose of featuring individuals with a real sense of personal style and business attire. These individuals are able to express themselves through business inspired looks.

For this post, we would like to introduce Malcolm, a 23 year old educator from Newport News, VA. He took time out of his busy schedule to shoot with us today.

Let’s take a look at Malcolm’s business attire below.


Fall Sneakpeek

Today is the first day of fall and we would like to present a little clip we put together for this upcoming season. Its not much but it definitely sets the tone for our overall theme this fall. Let us know what you think.

The Advice: ‘The New Single:’ You Never Thought It Could be You….Again.

Apparently ‘tis the season for breakups. Recently, several of my friends/associates having ending things with their significant others for various reasons. I’m talking chunky relationships, 3-5 years, out the window. It brought about some interesting conversations about starting over and being single again. Over the past few months, I have reconnected with an old friend from college, and she was telling me about her breakup. Essentially, her now ex-boyfriend told her that he didn’t see himself marrying her. Talk about harsh. In case guys don’t know, if a girl wifes you up, she’s thinking long term. Marriage and kids, house with a picket fence, matching sweatsuits, all that. To invest more than a year into someone, is real. The majority of us want to be in relationships for the long term, we don’t start something new because we think it will end.


Outfits: September 2013

Untitled #8

Selected Bowery Db Trench Coat W. Belt T: $205
JACK & JONES One SCO Austin Shirt: $68
Vivienne Westwood Man Men’s Cotton Grey Chino Trousers: $150
Michael Stars Oh Darling Wide Brim Hat: $58
Distressed Leather Faded Black MILITARY Regalia COMBAT BOOTS: $50
Swirl Bead Zen Bracelet Leather Bracelet Leather Wristband: $9.99