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Brands: SAYC Clothing

Today, we had the opportunity to meet up with the founder of SAYC Clothing, Steve Smothers. The “Steve Allen Yacht Club” or SAYC provides a nautical lifestyle and a series of high quality products for customers through an online retail website. They offer a variety of tees and other apparel for men, women, and children.

“The main thing that sets us apart from other brands is our originality. One thing that we preach to our team members and creative team is to be original with everything you do, and that reflects in our apparel.” -Steve

If you examine the items offered on their website,, SAYC Clothing provides original graphics for  any consumer wanting comfortable clothing for the spring and summer seasons.

Below, we have some pictures of Steve wearing his SAYC merchandise at his neighborhood lake.

Before SAYC Clothing began selling merchandise online, it began as a small vision from two aspiring entrepreneurs three years ago. During a personal conversation about style and creativity, Steve and his now co-founder of SAYC Clothing, Ryan Lee, brainstormed an ideal clothing line. The two men dreamed of a clothing brand that provided youthful consumers with different style in comparison to clothes that were currently on the market.

According to Steve, the name behind SAYC Clothing tells a story. As mentioned above, SAYC Clothing stands for Steve Allen Yacht Club. The “Steve Allen” is derived from his first and middle name, while the “Yacht Club” tells a fictional story creator by the founders. Steve explains, “From there we created an elaborate story of a yacht captain lost at sea, through our clothing we illustrate the story we put together.”


The Advice: ‘I Am Readdddy For Looovee’….Have a Seat, You’re Not.

Lately, I’ve been realizing something about us girls. I have realized that we inadvertently sabotage each other and our potential relationships by giving bad advice. What do I mean….let me explain. It’s funny that the people in your life that are supposed to support you, are the same ones that will criticize you for decisions that you have make in your life. As girls, we oftentimes make the mistake of telling our girlfriends a little too much about our new mancandy. Of course, you know, you’re excited. He seems to have it together, he’s cute, things are progressing well… until they’re not.


Outfits: August 2013

Untitled #7
This is the second Look of the Week for the month of August. We made sure to have another update for this section before the month was over.
With fall less than a month away, women are already pulling our their black clothes as the afternoons and evenings get cooler. If you take a look at the outfit shown above, the primary color is black. As a man, I typically stay away from wearing all black, because I don’t think it looks good on me. However, women are able to pull off black ensembles all the time. Let’s face it, black is slimming. So, with the right pair of pants, shoes, and top, black pieces can complete an entire outfit.

Street Style: Breaking the Rules

Here at the UnregisteredStyle, we suggest our models to illustrate their creativity through their individual styles and looks. If this means our models have to extend themselves beyond the formalities of individual style and break the traditional rules of fashion, then so be it. As long they are comfortable and look good, we have no problem with them pushing the style envelope.

In today’s post, Acira shows us how to wear knee high leather boots during a cooler summer morning in New York.

Now, I know you are wondering, “Boots in the summer! This girl must be mad…” but apparently, this look has flooded the streets and subways of New York for a couple of years now.

Let’s take a look at the history of knee high boots.