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Outfits: June 2013

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As shown above, we have an after five outfit. After a long day in the office, sometimes we just want to get out and have a little fun. The after five outfit for women is the dress code for an evening out on the town. An evening out of town which includes the following locations: dinner; movies; shopping; or clubbing. The working woman could dress up for a party or event as she is coming home. 

Casual: Polka Dots

At the UnregisteredStyle, we believe that your personal style depends on your self esteem and confidence. Both of these attributes allow you to become less self conscious of what others think. You will wear whatever you want without caring about what others have to say or think. Without these attributes, you will be unable to push the envelope and wear what “YOU” think will compliment your face, body, and overall look.

This idea leads us to today’s post, patterned shirts. More specifically, we are taking a look a polka dots. The word “polka” is a feminine word that originated from Poland and stands for “Polish Woman.” In America, the polka dot pattern obsession began during the early 1900’s when models were photographed in polka dot bikinis. Models and actresses like Marilyn Monroe made this pattern very popular during the 1950’s. Also, Cartoon legends like Minnie Mouse is still publicly recognized in her signature red polka dot dress and matching bow. 

In modern times, both men and women wear polka dots. As shown below, I will provide an example of how to wear a polka dot shirt during the summer.



Casual: How to Wear Floral Prints

Without a doubt, floral prints are blossoming and taking over another summer. More specifically, floral prints offer a distinct look in both white and bright colors during the hot seasons. This summer, flowers are invading not just tops and bottoms, but shoes, head wraps, jewelry, bags, swimsuits, and small accessories. Any flower can be incorporated into an entire outfit.

Since summer began a couple of days ago, we took the opportunity to focus on floral leggings. More specifically, what colors to wear with floral attire. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Janaia again. She offers her take on how to wear floral leggings in rainy weather conditions.   

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Casual: Tied Around the Waist

Remember the infamous crop top worn by the beautiful Kelly Kopowski in Saved by the Bell? How about the over-sized, acid washed denim jeans worn during the 90210 era? Even better, what about “Puff Daddy” wearing his futuristic track suits? Fast forward to 2013, where we still see our favorite musicians and actors wearing these 90’s looks. As the style moguls of today, we have reinvented the wheel by incorporating various 90’s styles and trends back into our wardrobe.  

Lets take a trip back down memory lane when we used to tie a sweater or shirt around our waist. Back then, it was a great trend to try. If you wanted to try it, wear it. If not, take it off and wear it like a normal shirt. In 2013, we are no strangers to this trend.

Let’s check out Rodney. His last look was definitely appropriate during the Memorial Day cookout scene, as shown here. Today, he offers us his summer inspired, plaid shirt tied around the waist look.