Flex Friday

post_alex2_122316_01post_alex2_122316_02post_alex2_122316_03post_alex2_122316_04post_alex2_122316_05post_alex2_122316_06post_alex2_122316_07Suit: Suit Supply |
Shirt: Suit Supply |
Sweater: J.Crew |
Shoes: Suit Supply |
Necktie: Suit Supply |
Pocket Square: Harrison Blake Apparel |
Socks: Gap |
Watch and Band: Daniel Wellington |
Glasses: Warby Parker |

Casual: Moto Jacket

post_alvi1_122316_01post_alvi1_122316_02post_alvi1_122316_03post_alvi1_122316_04post_alvi1_122316_05post_alvi1_122316_06post_alvi1_122316_07Jacket: Topshop
Top: Forever 21 |
Skirt: Thrift Store |
Boots: Primark

From Black History Month to Valentine’s Day, the month of February is known for a lot of things. In terms of fashion and personal style, February has been a month of leather, especially on this blog!

For this post, our girl, Alvi, decided to dress up her look with  leather  jacket. Oh, and guess what, it’s a moto jacket of course! Looking better than ever, Alvi further styled her outfit with a burgundy v-neck top, a printed skirt, and burgundy ankle booties. By adding a contrasting color like burgundy to the mix, Alvi was able to bring out the jacket and skirt even more.

So, what do you think about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

Street Style: Moto Jacket

post_hbk2_110916_01post_hbk2_110916_02post_hbk2_110916_03post_hbk2_110916_04post_hbk2_110916_05post_hbk2_110916_06post_hbk2_110916_07Jacket: Topman |
Shirt: Forever21 |
Pants: ASOS |
Shoes: Clarks

As you already know, we have featured leather jackets quite a few times this season., and this post just reiterates why we do.

For this post, our friend, DJ HBK, reiterates why we love leather so much! Today, he shows off his leather-clad look. Rather than wearing your traditional leather styled jacket, HBK went with a brown moto jacket from Topman.

To contrast with the brown leather, he further styled his look with a white button-up, green biker pants, and brown wing tips to finish off.

So, how do you feel about this particular look? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

Flex Friday

post_alex1_122316_01post_alex1_122316_02post_alex1_122316_03post_alex1_122316_04post_alex1_122316_05post_alex1_122316_06post_alex1_122316_07Coat: Zara |
Sweater: J.Crew |
Oxford Shirt: J.Crew |
Jeans: Gap |
Loafers: J.Crew
Bracelet: Elam Lazul |
Watch and Band: Daniel Wellington