Happy Friday everyone!

This has been an amazing week for us! First off, we finally created the”Frequently Asked Questions” or F.A.Q page. This page has been work in progress for quite some time now.

Second, we have been communicating and establishing relationships with other companies to brainstorm ideas for giveaways. So, be on the look out for other updates in the near future.

Okay, so it’s FEATURE FRIDAY today and we have another submission  for your viewing pleasure. This week’s submission comes all the way from Miami, FL.

So without any more delays, we would like to introduce Siliza Valdez to our UnregisteredStyle family! Check out her full feature below.

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Street Style: Retro Windbreaker

 There are so many things that can be said about a woman that wears white after labor day, mix matches patterns, and wears double denim of the same wash. While some may look and stare, others may stop point. Whatever the case may be, this woman still manages to capture an audience.

“I hate her but I can’t stop staring.” Sounds to us like you admire her presence and style!

In a world of constant change, a “Rule Bender” of 2014 is less concerned with following a crowd, and more focused on establishing herself as a trend setter.

With that being said, the defining statement above leads us to this week’s individual style post with our new friend Briana! For this feature, Briana defies the rules of fashion with her white, retro 90s windbreaker. Check out her full outfit below!


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Men’s Style Mondays

Happy Monday folks! In honor of fall, I wanted to incorporate subtle layers for this week’s #MensStyleMondays post.

So, why subtle layers? If you haven’t noticed the weather outside, our temperature decided to drop an entire 20 degrees this past weekend. Yes, 20 degrees! So, it’s very important to layer up during those colder afternoons.

From the statements mentioned above, I have put together an outfit that pulls the subtle layering concept all together. Check out the full feature below!

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It’s Friday and we are back again this week for another FEATURE FRIDAY post!

We apologize for the lack of FEATURE FRIDAY updates folks but you have to help us out. Just a reminder, in order for us to post every Friday, you have to submit outfits. Also, you can always submit more than one outfit!

Let’ get back on schedule! Today, we have a new FEATURE FRIDAY submission all the way from Pittsburgh, PA. So without further ado, we would like to reintroduce everyone to DQ.

Here, DQ shows off one of his late night looks. Please take a couple of minutes and read the full feature below.


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After 5: The Sport Coat

For anyone that runs a blog or website, you understand the responsibility that comes with sustaining a loyal following. First of all, you want to keep your readers happy. If that means posting three to four times a week, give them what they want! Your success is owned by their support.

So, what does this mean for UnregisteredStyle?

Well, we are obligated to answering questions and providing quality feedback to our readers. For example, we’ve received some suggestions from a couple of our readers about our models. To make a long story short, you wanted us to feature more representatives from the “25 and up” club. So, we took this task very seriously and set out to find a more mature, stylish individuals.

Luckily, we made a new friend recently and he goes by the name Corey.

We had the opportunity to be introduced to Corey during a photo shoot in Philadelphia. Instantly, we liked his style and he agreed to be featured! Here Corey shows off his favorite patterned blazer. Scroll down for the full feature below!


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  • It's FEATURE FRIDAY folks and we have a new submission from Siliza Valdez or @TRIPPYXGYPSY on UnregisteredStyle.com. For this look, you can catch Siliza out in Miami wearing a thrifted light washed denim dress, a pair of Air Max 90 Infrareds, Coach backpack, and Ray Ban aviators. Head over to the blog for the full feature!
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  • We have a new individual style feature on UnregisteredStyle.com with Briana from @Brenikki ! Head over to the site for the full post.
Title: Street Style: Retro Windbreaker
Photographer: Bryce Lennon @karmike
Model: Briana @Brenikki
Writer: Bryce Lennon @Karmike
Purchased Items: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Converse
@americanapparelusa @urbanoutfitters
  • Post by fashion blogger @charlotteboybreeze :: Forever 21 Holiday Campaign #repost @shistyca

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