Men’s Style Mondays

Happy Monday folks! In honor of fall, I wanted to incorporate subtle layers for this week’s #MensStyleMondays post.So, why  subtle layers?If you haven’t noticed the weather outside, our temperature decided to drop an entire 20 degrees this past weekend. Yes, 20 degrees! So, it’s very important to layer up during those colder afternoons.

From the statements mentioned above, I have put together an outfit that pulls the subtle layering concept all together. Check out the full feature below!


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It’s Friday and we are back again this week for another FEATURE FRIDAY post!

We apologize for the lack of FEATURE FRIDAY updates folks but you have to help us out. Just a reminder, in order for us to post every Friday, you have to submit outfits. Also, you can always submit more than one outfit!

Let’ get back on schedule! Today, we have a new FEATURE FRIDAY submission all the way from Pittsburgh, PA. So without further ado, we would like to reintroduce everyone to DQ.

Here, DQ shows off one of his late night looks. Please take a couple of minutes and read the full feature below.


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After 5: The Sport Coat

For anyone that runs a blog or website, you understand the responsibility that comes with sustaining a loyal following. First of all, you want to keep your readers happy. If that means posting three to four times a week, give them what they want! Your success is owned by their support.

So, what does this mean for UnregisteredStyle?

Well, we are obligated to answering questions and providing quality feedback to our readers. For example, we’ve received some suggestions from a couple of our readers about our models. To make a long story short, you wanted us to feature more representatives from the “25 and up” club. So, we took this task very seriously and set out to find a more mature, stylish individuals.

Luckily, we made a new friend recently and he goes by the name Corey.

We had the opportunity to be introduced to Corey during a photo shoot in Philadelphia. Instantly, we liked his style and he agreed to be featured! Here Corey shows off his favorite patterned blazer. Scroll down for the full feature below!


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Men’s Style Mondays

So every once in a while, I try to push the fashion envelope outside of my comfort zone. Wait, I don’t mean anything extreme like crop tops, printed jeggings, or a Kanye West inspired leather kilt. Seriously, I am not knocking anyone that wears clothing like that but that’s not really my style at all.

Now, when I say, “outside of my comfort zone,” that’s another way of saying, “Bryce Lennon but with a little edge!”

Traditionally, you will catch me on #MensStyleMondays with a pair of khakis, button-down, t-shirt, denim shorts, and loafers. For this post, I decided to switch up my look from dapper to street! Check out the full feature below.


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Brands: Alicia Kim Binder Bags

Remember back in the day when we covered our text books with brown paper bags? Well, we certainly remember! Designed as an inexpensive solution to covering your most valued text books, brown paper bags were used to showcase your creative side.

On the other hand, some girls took their paper bag covers to the next level. Do you recall all the little girls that purposely left the handles on the bags? Yes, these future fashionistas carried their books around like mini purses or bags with handles.

Over time, these paper bag covers have influenced another commonly used school item, the binder. Can you imagine another school item with straps that can carry your assignments to and from class? Well, this specific item has a name. It is known today as the “binder bag.”

Like most popular items, the “binder bag” has inspired other entrepreneurs to design their own products. In this particular case, an entrepreneur by the name, Alicia Kim, has created her own binder bags entitled, “Alicia Kim Binder Bags.” Created from scratch, Alicia Kim Binder bags serve as an alternative host for school supplies.

Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Alicia Kim for this week’s “Brands” feature. Check out the full post below!


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