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post_brycelennon2_012115_01post_brycelennon2_012115_06post_brycelennon2_012115_03post_brycelennon2_012115_02post_brycelennon2_012115_05Blazer: ASOS | Button-Up: Ralph Lauren |
Chinos: H&M | Saddle Shoes: G.H Bass

Recently, I came across an old VHS copy of my favorite childhood television show, “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.” Syndicated back from the late 60’s, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was one of the best children based television programs of it’s time. Furthermore, this show served as the foundation for fun and excitement during my earliest childhood memories. With all that being said, I thought it would be appropriate to pay homage to Mr. Rogers in this week’s #MensStyleMondays post.

A man known for wearing cardigan sweaters, chinos, plaid button-ups, and Keds, Mr. Rogers became a catalyst for mainstream, preppy fashion. Taking all this into consideration, I decided to put away my combat boots, and throw on my favorite pair of leather saddle shoe from G.H. Bass. These kicks were purchased a few years back from DSW Shoe Warehouse, and I instantly fell in love with them! For one, they come in almost every possible color combination. Plus, they look great when worn with denim or chinos.

In order to maintain this preppy look, I went with a pair of navy chinos from H&M. Like the saddle shoes, these pants were also purchased a couple years back. I actually like these pants because the leg is not too tight, and the crotch area is not as constricting as you would think. They are the perfect pair of chinos for home or work.

Rather than a solid color button-up and cardigan like Mr. Rogers, I went with a blazer from ASOS and a Ralph Lauren plaid shirt instead. When styling a solid color blazer, think about a patterned or printed shirt underneath. When you want to add some character to your outfit, stick with plaids. If you are a little more adventurous, try floral or polka dot prints. Remember, we are focusing on a preppy look here. So, solid colors and plaids are the most popular.

So, I have the shoes, pants, shirt, and blazer, but what am I forgetting? Oh, the necktie! With any preppy inspired look, a solid color neck tie can put the final touches on your outfit.

Growing up, what was your favorite childhood television show? If you could embody a character from that show, how would you modernize their look? Feel free to leave us some comments below.

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After 5: Floral Shirt

post_briana1_122114_01post_briana1_122114_03post_briana1_122114_04post_briana1_122114_05post_briana1_122114_02Shirt: Thrifted | Blazer: Thrifted | PeaCoat: Guess 
Leggings: H&M | Shoes: Eternity | Fedora: Urban Outfitters |
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory

“I like this outfit because of the layers, and combination of different colors and textures. It shows that there are ways to get away with wearing bright colors and floral prints in the winter.”- Briana

Within the context of personal style and fashion, we often associate our favorite colors, prints, and styles to specific seasons. Take for instance, one of the most popular fashion trends, the floral print. When we think about floral prints, one of the first things that come to mind is summer, right? Wrong! Contrary to popular belief, floral prints have become more popular to wear now, than during any other season.

Why? Well, for starters, floral prints are very reminiscent of our warmer months. Think about it, some of our best took place during the summer. So, why not channel Even during one of the coldest days. there’s nothing like wearing a floral top or skirt to keep us warm. Plus, you can make a killer outfit when you combine floral prints with dark, winter colors

If you don’t believe us, just ask our fashion expert, Briana from Philadelphia. Known for mix-matching prints, fabrics, and colors, Briana loves channeling her inner love child with her favorite floral garments this season. Today, she decided to show us how to incorporate a her favorite winter pieces with a floral print top.

In order to pull this look together, Briana decided to focus on transitional layers like blazers, coats, and shirts. For example, she started with a thrifted floral top, which served as the foundation for her outfit. Remember, when purchasing a floral top, stay away from whites and pastel colors. Think about primary colors like black, red, blue, yellow, and green for the floral prints themselves.

As mentioned above, Briana combined her floral with a thrifted hounds-tooth patterned blazer, GUESS peacoat, suede leggings from H&M, and shoes from eternity. Honestly, you can never go wrong with too many layers, especially during the winter.

Continuing with this theme, Briana wanted us to check out her newly purchased felt slouch fedora from Urban Outfitters and necklace from Burlington Coat Factory.

Overall, Briana slayed the game. We love how she managed to pull every part of this outfit together. It takes a very knowledgeable, fashion forward individual to capture the essence of two seasons together at the same time.

How do you plan to incorporate floral prints in your wardrobe this season? Feel free to share your stories with us below!

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Photo Credit: TheThirdCultureBlog

When #FEATUREFRIDAY first dropped in 2014, it was supposed to become a regular post.

Due to a very heavy work load, I haven’t been able to update this section at all. As a result, I have committed myself to updating #FEATUREFRIDAY at least twice a month. I guess you can say this was part of my New Years Resolution

So, we are back this week with a new post and fashion blogger, who found on Instagram. After spending thirty minutes searching through fashion related user accounts, I came across this very trendy, college student named Briar Davis, aka @briarsinterlude. If you get a chance, go check her out on Instgram, you won’t be disappointed.

As I investigated further, I noticed that Briar operates a fashion blog entitled, “TheThirdCultureBlog.” There, she breaks up her posts between weekly outfits, album discussions, and fashion advice. Those are three great areas to focus on. Most of her outfit posts are NYC inspired, with a touch of southern class. You can catch her incorporating black into almost every outfit, which is very urban chic.

We are not going to spoil the rest of her blog, just go check it out! Be on the look out for more updates from Briar in the near future. We see this girl blowing up in 2015!

Congratulations Ms. Davis.

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Casual: All Black

post_trell_121414_01post_trell_121414_03post_trell_121414_06post_trell_121414_05post_trell_121414_04Top Coat: Thrift store | Jeans: H&M |
Sweater: Urban Outfitters | Hat: Brixton |
Shoes: Cole Haan | Bag: Thrift store

For the millions of Americans that utilize the public transportation system on a regular basis, preparing for a long trip can be more difficult than it appears. If you don’t believe us, just ask around. Most people would agree that the preparation process for any trip can be even more challenging than the trip itself.

When traveling, you should think about comfort and style. Now, that doesn’t mean wear your oldest Wal-Mart sweats and t-shirt on the train. Try to throw on something a little more appropriate.

So, if you plan on traveling in the near future and would like to dress accordingly, look no further. Our boy Trell Thomas is here to share one of his most stylish, traveling outfits. For a man that’s never in one place, Trell had this to say about packing and traveling: “The best advice I can give to anyone traveling on public transportation is the same advice I give myself in a lot of situations and that is that, “less is more” . You want to keep your clothing to a minimum for maneuverability and loose for comfort. It makes all the difference when navigating the masses.”

We agree one hundred percent Trell, comfort is the key! Now that you have the basics down, let’s take a few minutes to discuss Trell’s travel attire.

With a full length top coat, over sized sweater, skinny jeans, chelsea boots, and a wide brim fedora, Trell is giving us every bit of life in his all black ensemble.

All Black? Yes, all black!

Similar to the color white, an all black outfit may be a little too high maintenance for the everyday shopper. However, if you live want to look slim, stylish, and mysterious at the time, black is the color for you! Plus, it can be worn with almost anything. According to Trell, “It’s simple yet something about it makes you seem mysterious and complex. I find that I get a lot of second looks and intriguing glances from people.”

Without a doubt, Mr. Thomas knows how to turn a few heads, especially in route to another city. We can’t help but admire a man that loves pushing the style envelope to the next level.

How do you like to dress when traveling? Feel free to share with us below.

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